The environmental department of Palesa Coal Mine is responsible for ensuring that the mining operations are environmentally sustainable and do not cause irreversible harm to the environment or the health and well-being of the people and animals living nearby. Some of the tasks that the environmental department is responsible for is:

– Regulatory compliance in terms of acquiring the necessary authorizations, permits and licences required to operate, and to ensure that all mining operations comply with the set conditions.

-Developing and implementing environmental management plans and strategies that are relevant to the companies’ operations and that comply with the legal requirements and best practices for mining activities.

-Monitoring and reporting on the environmental performance and impacts of the mining operations, such as air quality, water quality, noise, dust, land use, biodiversity, waste management, carbon footprint, and rehabilitation.

-Conducting environmental audits and inspections to ensure compliance with the environmental management plans and regulations set by NEMA.

-Implementing corrective actions and remediation measures to address any environmental issues or violations that may arise during or after the mining operations.

-Engaging with stakeholders and communities to inform them about the environmental aspects of the mining operations and address any concerns or complaints they may have.

HCI Coal
HCI Coal Proprietary Limited is a junior mining company with the purpose of mining coal resources to sell to local and export markets. HCI Coal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited (HCI).