HCI Coal is a junior mining company with the purpose of mining coal resources to market and sell to the local and export markets.

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Our Mines

Palesa Mine

From an initial supply of 4653 tons in 2009, Palesa increased to a total sales volume of 2182 413 tons in 2017.

Mbali Mine

From an initial supply of 2968 during Dec 2013, Mbali achieved a total sales volume of 818 072 in 2017.

Working Together.

Prospecting for coal. Creating opportunities. Investing in local communities.


HCI Coal was formed, as a joint venture with a consortium, in 2006 to mine coal at Palesa, north of Bronkhorstpruit and Mbali, south of Ogies bordering Mpumalanga and Gauteng.


We are committed to BEE and enabling local businesses to service our mine operations. We welcome entrepreneurs and local businesses to apply for our tenders advertised online.


From learnerships for artisans at our mines, to internships for top performing graduates, we are committed to growing and training local talent within the vicinity and areas of both our mines.


Our local economic development programme is aimed at improving the lives of our employees, their families and communities and fostering local skills development and empowerment.


We recruit, train and equip people with important skills for a successful career within HCI Coal and the broader mining industry. We focus on preparing, young black talent from local communities, for the world of work.

Core Business Trainees

Our Learner Bursaries

Learnerships and Internships

Portable Skills Training

HCI BEE Spend 2017


Total BEE Spend


Mbali BEE Spend


Palesa BEE Spend

HCI Coal

HCI Coal Proprietary Limited is a junior mining company with the purpose of mining coal resources to sell to local and export markets. HCI Coal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited (HCI).